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The European shoots at Cedar Rock Hunting Preserve seek to simulate the driven pheasant hunts commonly held in Europe. An actual European shoot involves local people that serve as drivers that drive birds to the end of a wooded field where the birds then take flight over a cut in the timber, giving the shooters an opportunity to shoot at high, fast flying birds in a tight window.

Since it is difficult to convince local townspeople here in middle Tennessee that driving birds through brush and greenbrier is fun, we resort to another method to get the birds airborne. Instead, we set up a course that consists of a rotation through 10 shooting stations around a heavily wooded area. The pheasants are released at tree-top level and shots can be safely attempted once the birds have cleared the tree line. Typical shots range from 30-60 yards at birds traveling at speeds near 45mph. A good bit of advice is to hold the bragging about shooting prowess until after the shoot. This can be a humbling experience even for those that consider themselves great shots.

Our European shoots are an ideal activity for groups of 15-20 people. They are a great idea for corporate entertaining or an outing among friends. All of our European pheasant shoots include a morning shoot, lunch, and bird cleaning/packaging. Handlers and dogs will be on the course to pick up any downed birds and insure that proper gun safety is being observed at all times.

European shoots are loaded with fast, fun shooting action. Give us a call today to book your group for our next shoot.

European Shoot Pricing

10 Pheasant per person - $260.00 Plus Tax

15 Pheasant per person - $325.00 Plus Tax

20 Pheasant per person - $385.00 Plus Tax

European Shoot Rules:

During the European Shoot, shooters will be in close proximity to other shooters, retrievers and handlers, and club staff. Safety is very important. Shooters are asked to follow these rules while in the field.

  • Guns are only to be loaded when the handlers indicate the appropriate time. No guns shall be loaded while moving from station to station. All guns must have the actions open while transitioning between shooting stations.

  • Shooters should familiarize themselves with the positioning of the dogs and handlers at each station prior to the start of the shoot.

  • No shots should be fired at any angle under the tree line as seen from the shooting station.

  • Shooters may not shoot behind them at angles lower than 45 degrees above perpendicular.

  • Shooters must wear protective eyewear at all times during the shoot.

  • Absolutely no alcohol will be consumed before or during the shoot.

  • No shot larger than #6 shall be permitted during the European shoot.

Shooters must follow the instructions of the handlers and staff at all times during
the shoot.

Required Equipment

1.     Any gauge of safe shotgun.

2.     4 - 5 boxes of shotgun shells of no larger shot size than #6.

3.     Blaze orange hat and/or vest

4.     Protective Eye Wear.


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